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Fast onboarding and an intuitive dashboard make respirator medical clearance easier than ever.  We have provided 250,000+ evaluations (English/Spanish/French) and are the industry's most reputable solution. Starting at $20, with FREE evaluations (2), record storage & respiratory protection training! No purchase necessary and no hidden fees. In order to conduct a respirator fit test, an employee must first receive medical clearance. Our online system strictly adheres to OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.134 and provides instant clearance based on physical demands and environmental conditions. Respiratory protection violations are the third most common violation according to OSHA’s top 10 most cited standards. We provide the fastest way to get your team certified for respirator use and in compliance!

Unique Features                                                                                                                                               

  • Accessibility - Complete the questionnaire via email, access code, QR code or our easy kiosk option. Mobile-optimized.

  • Proprietary Fit Test Management Software - Easily batch entry fit test results. Users can download their card to apple / google wallets or other storage options.

  • Hierarchy - Management of multiple locations, departments and delegation of groups.

  • Streamline Reporting & Compliance - Query and export custom reports & records.

  • Easy Onboarding - Quick CSV batch entry for hundreds of users.

  • Branding - White label the system, certificates, and emails with your logo.

  • Expiration Management - Select recertification intervals (1-5 yrs.) based on your preference with auto-reminders.

  • Free Compliant Storage - Secure HIPAA documents and store separately from other employment documents.

  • Instant Results - 95% instant approval rate.

  • Respiratory Protection Training - Free and included with evaluation service. 

  • Usability - Admins can prefill the tough questions for an easier user experience. 

  • Transparent Pricing - $20 per Bundle w/ Training; $21.25 per Bundle of 100 Evals; $22.50 per Bundle of 50 Evals; $25 single.

  • And Much More ...

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Awarded a Top 10 Supplier of 4,400 U.S. health systems and 250,000 organizations. Join our 5000+ clients! Start with FREE evaluations (2), record storage & respiratory protection training! No purchase necessary and no hidden fees.