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Call Now: (800) 934-0752

Online Respirator Medical Evaluation

Reduce the cost, time and burden of clinic appointments by using our easy online tool to facilitate certification. We have provided 100,000+ online evaluations (English / Spanish) and are the industry's most reputable solution. Starting at $20, no hidden fees, and free storage of evaluation / fit test records. Get started with 2 free evaluations, no purchase necessary!                                 

A respirator medical evaluation is a health assessment that determines if an employee is fit to wear a respirator. In order to conduct a respirator fit test, an employee must first receive medical clearance. Our online system strictly adheres to OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.134 and provides instant clearance based on physical demands and environmental conditions. Respiratory protection violations are the third most common violation according to OSHA’s top 10 most cited standards. We provide the fastest way to get your team certified for respirator use.      


Core Capabilities                                                                                                                                                

  • Fit Test Records -  Easily batch entry fit test results using the evaluation information as a baseline. Wallet sized cards can be accessed by both the admin and users. 

  • Standardize Programs Across All Sites - Bring discipline to your program. Centralize program management.

  • AccessibilityAssign by email or use the kiosk option. Management of multiple locations.

  • Streamline Reporting & Compliance - Query and export results & records.

  • Transparent Pricing - $20 per Bundle with Training; $21.25 per Bundle of 100 Evals;  $22.50 per Bundle of 50 Evals; $25 single.

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