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Call Now: (800) 934-0752


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Fast, Affordable & Certified To Meet Your Company's Needs


We provide a suite of onsite respirator fit testing services tailored to help organizations both small and large meet their compliance needs. If your facility isn't complying to 29 CFR 1910.134 your business is subject to strict enforcement action, the safety of your employees can be at risk, and there is increased exposure to liability claims. We provide two on-site testing methodologies to easily satisfy this annual requirement: qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing. Not sure which method you need? Contact us and we can help determine which is right for you.


At Dawson Compliance, we are committed to providing quality customer service and solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs.


  • Pandemic Support: We provided respirator fit testing STAT for 10,000+ frontline workers.  At the height of the pandemic, New York City requested our services on 48 hours' notice. We created a program to cover all shifts while not disrupting the delivery of care.  Our solutions are scalable, convenient and effective. 




  • Onsite Solution for groups of 5 to 10,000 + employees using the latest approved protocols.
  • 10-20% Volume Discounts
  • Respiratory protection training included; which covers how to wear (don/doff), cleaning, storage, maintenance, and limitations of the respirator / filter (PAPR training).
  • We provide a fit test record card for every fit test we administer coupled with a report (i.e. hard copy, electronic).
  • Our vast experience makes the process easy with little downtime. 

Onsite Respirator Fit Testing Services

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