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Receive 2 Free Medical Evaluations + Storage + Training

Online Respirator Medical Evaluation

  • Starting at $20, Setup in Minutes
  • FREE Respiratory Protection Training
  • FREE Evaluation & Fit Test Record Storage

Online Respirator Fit Tester Training

  • Starting at $120, Quick Certification
  • Step-By-Step Guidance for Numerous Protocols
  • Understand Program Administrator Requirements


Evaluations Processed


Instant Approval


OSHA Citations


JCAHO Citations

Why Respclearance?

End-To-End Respirator Compliance

  • Our complete RPP solution is certified by a licensed health care professional. Receive instant clearance 24/7 through our user-friendly system. 

Advanced OSHA Solution

  • HIPAA platform that offers fast batch entry, recertification preference (1-5 yrs.), an interactive dashboard, and hierarchy management of multiple departments / locations. 


Easy Onboarding

  • Complete the questionnaire via email, access code, QR code or our easy kiosk option. Brand the system, certificates and emails with your logo for a seamless experience. 

Setting The Standard For Respirator Compliance

Online Respirator Medical Evaluations

Online Respirator Medical Evaluations

- OSHA mandated

- Medical provider reviews

- Instant approvals

- Advanced algorithm

- Easy process


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Online Respirator Fit Tester Training

Online Respirator Fit Tester Training

- Easy to follow procedures 

- OSHA mandated competency 

- Incorporates into company safety plan

- Know the requirements


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Onsite Respirator Fit Testing

Onsite Respirator Fit Testing

- Required record-keeping
- Required annually
- Quantitative testing 
- Qualitative testing 
- PDF & card records


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Evaluation and Fit Test Records

Evaluation and Fit Test Records

- Central repository
- Fit test records
- Raw data storage
- Employee respiratory record history
- Save to apple/google wallets
- HIPAA compliant 


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Online Respirator Medical Evaluation

Fast onboarding and an intuitive dashboard make respirator medical clearance easier than ever.  We have provided 250,000+ evaluations (English/Spanish/French) and are the industry's most reputable solution. Starting at $20, with FREE evaluations (2), record storage & respiratory protection training! No purchase necessary and no hidden fees. In order to conduct a respirator fit test, an employee …

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Online Respirator Fit Tester Training

Respirator fit testing vendors can often be costly and inconvenient. Do it yourself! Our convenient online training provides certification in establishing a respiratory protection program, training workers, and providing respirator fit testing. We continue to be the leader in certifying 'subject matter experts' with our comprehensive and easy approach …

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Online Evaluation

Priced at


  • $20 per Bundle with Training
  • $21.25 per Bundle of 100 Evals
  • $22.50 per Bundle of 50 Evals


Certified and Experienced

  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Physician or other licensed health care professional (PLHCP)

Online Training

Priced at


  • $120 per Bundle with Evals
  • Become an Expert
  • Get Certified

Fast. Proven. Easy.

1. MEQ Access

  • Complete the questionnaire via email, access code, QR code or our easy kiosk option. 

2. Evaluation Completion

  • Employees take the evaluation in 10-15 mins. Admins can prefill the tough questions. 

3. Instant Results

  • Users receive immediate clearance results, while admins can view employee's statuses.

Awarded a Top 10 Supplier of 4,400 U.S. health systems and 250,000 organizations. Join our 5000+ clients! Start with FREE evaluations (2), record storage & respiratory protection training! No purchase necessary and no hidden fees.

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