Process Overview


Click here to register your company. If you are not going to be the administrator of the account please do not register here. Your company will setup your account.

After registering, you will receive an email to complete the registration process.

If applicable, you can add a company hierarchy to manage multiple accounts/locations.

Once the company account is setup, create user accounts for your employees.

  • Option 1 (Individually): Users can be added individually and will receive login info via email. This is generally utilized for smaller groups or for additional admins. Please see step 6, to assign the evaluation or training to them once the user is created.
  • Option 2 (Bulk Entry): Users can be added in a group (except admins), with an option to assign the evaluation to them simultaneously. They will receive an email with login info and an additional email to take the evaluation. Skip to step 7 once completed.
  • Option 3 (Kiosk Mode): Utilized for users that do not have email addresses or for using a central computer. The admin will have to login into the account and select kiosk mode. Skip to step 7.

Assign Respirator Medical Evaluations or Respirator Fit Tester Training to your employees. Users will receive an email with a link to take the medical evaluation or training.

When an employee passes an evaluation or training, they will receive a certificate that can be printed. Records can also be stored on our database and/or exported to a spreadsheet.

The Supervisor can login to the website at any time to check the status of an evaluation or training.